Looking back on 2015

Another year passed, another EUGEN-meeting lies behind us. In August it has been the 20th time EUGEN took place, for the first time in Poland. In general it was a great event. The detailed report of the meeting is published in the “History” section.

This years EUGEN will be in Belgium from 1st to 7th of August. News and information are published here and on our Facebook page.

In November the general assembly of the EUGEN e.V. took place in Tübingen. Among other topics we discussed was the appointment of a new member of the chairperson. Gunnar our secretary for 3 years gave up his post and Sophie from Austria, who was on the advisory board before takes his place. A big thank you to Gunnar for his work and support at the EUGEN e.V. and welcome Sophie in our association. Adrian from Freiburg agreed to take the vacant spot as advisor.