EUGEN 2024 Registration

Registration for the EUGEN 2024 (29.07. – 04.08.2024) meeting in France!

Your way to a successful participation of this year’s EUGEN meeting:

1. Fill out the form below to register.

2. You will receive an email with further information about the payment.

Please check your spam for the confirmation-email our contact us directly at board [at] eugen [dot] earth if you haven’t received it within 3 days of your registration. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Payment deadline will be the 1st of July!

Participants from:

Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Belgium, Finland, France, Andorra, San Marino, Italy, Spain, Malta, Slovenia and United Kingdom

will need to pay € 100 for students (proof required) or € 150 for non-students.

Participants from:

Czech Republic, Cyprus, Belarus, Portugal, Slovakia, Greece, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Croatia, Turkey, Romania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine, Moldova, Bosnia or any other country not listed

will need to pay € 75 for students (proof required) or € 150 for non-students.

Not included is the official EUGEN t-shirt (optional) which will cost approximately additional € 20.

However the t-shirt is not finalized yet. Therefore you will have to pay for it at the EUGEN event.

For some reasons sometimes this page freezes after submitting. In that case check if you received the payment information (also check your spam inbox). If you received an e-mail with payment instructions your registration is completed and you don’t need to submit this form a second time!

If you have any problems please email us at board [at] eugen [dot] earth.