About Eugen

This website is the EUGEN homebase. It contains general information on what EUGEN is about. Furthermore here we keep track of past EUGEN meetings.

What is EUGEN?

EUGEN is the abbreviation for the ‘EUropean GEosciences students Network’. The main goal of the EUGEN association is to organize annual meetings in Europe for geoscience students from all over the world. The name ‘EUGEN’ has become a synonym for this meeting. The idea of EUGEN was born in the summer of 1995 during the national meeting of german geology students. The very first EUGEN meeting 1996 turned out to be an instant success: about 120 students of earthscience related subjects from 18 universities representing 9 European nations met in the Black Forest region in southwest Germany. Since then, the EUGEN meeting has happened every year, always in a different part of Europe.

What do we do at an EUGEN-meeting?

The EUGEN meeting takes place in the first week of August and last a whole week. The program usually contains three days of geological fieldtrips, organized by the local hosts (students of geology) in league with their university professors and/or national geological survey. One day is reserved for some sightseeing trips to interesting local destinations. Talks and presentations from members of participating universities and supporting organizations are also part of the program. Last but not least the tradition calls for one afternoon to be dedicated to the famous ‘Geolympics’ – a team competition in highly entertainable fun-sport games. Well, that is only the official program schedule. The main goal of course is to have a lot of fun, get to know the regional geology and chat with colleagues from all across the world. So chances are set for acquiring international contacts that may even prove to be profitable in regard of professional and scientific exchange. Feel free to explore this website. In the ‘Gallery’ and ‘History’ sections there is much to discover of the big time this movement has in store for the people taking part in it. So make sure to be part of it!


In 2001, the ‘EUGEN Deutschland e.V.’ association was founded and registered in Germany in order to establish a fixed framework for inner european relationships between geoscience students, as experienced during the annual EUGEN meetings. In 2010 the association’s name was changed to EUGEN e.V. to pronounce, that we are an European organization. The ‘EUGEN e.V.’ coordinates these international contacts and considers itself to be the homebase for all EUGEN related matters. Special emphasis is put on encouraging students from the more recently joined EU member states to take part in the meeting or even to organize one. In this way we want to lay further foundations for international collaboration and exchange among geoscientists in a growing Europe.
The funding of the EUGEN e.V. association is done by means of membership fees, donations and sponsorship only. The association is strictly non-profit, all activities are carried out on a voluntary basis.

Everybody can become a member!
For more information, see the ‘Membership’ section on this website.