EuGeN 2024

For the EUGEN 2024, 29/7 – 4/8, get ready to not be able to pronounce any formation names
and please remember to pack sunscreen, swimsuit, some oui oui and leave lots of space for
baguettes and wine, because we will be going to France! More specifically to the beautiful
Sisteron in the Provence Alps. The river Durance has at this spot carved its way through a
folded ridge and left the little town looking like a geologist’s dream, as well as given it the
local name “Porte de la Provence”. Our camping site is up in the hills 20 km south of Sisteron,
right next to the scenic little village Mallefougasse-Augès.
The Provence Alps are known for their fantastic Mesozoic sedimentary rocks and the
associated fossils, which have gotten their own protection area: the National Natural
Geology Reserve of Haute-Provence, also a designated member of the UNESCO Global
Geoparks. Apart from these highly honoured geological features the tectonic history of the
Alps has left a strong imprint on the region, with a great number of eye-catching tectonic
features. In other words, the area is just made for a week full of geology!

The “vélodrome” in the Bès valley © Hélie Peyron

The address of our base camp for the week is:
Camping Lou Pebre d’Ail
Les Trous et les Marquans
04230 Mallefougasse-Augès
Which even has its own website

CAR: “Camping Lou Pebre d’Ail” will get you safely to the location both with google maps and
IOS maps. From Sisteron, take the D4085 and D951 southwards to Peipin, after which you
follow the D951 all the way to Mallefougasse-Augès. Shortly before the village the road parts
into two, here take the left option, Rue de la Mairie, into the village. At the first option take
to the left onto Rue du Jas, from where you go straight out of the village and directly to the
camp site. From Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban, take the D4096 southwards until a larger
intersection shortly before Peyruis, where you take onto a smaller road, the D101 Route de
Mallefougasse, to the right. You follow that road all the way until it merges with road D951
shortly before Mallefougasse-Augès, after which you follow the same description as from
TRAIN: The closest train station is Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban. There are direct trains from
Marseille (Marseille St Charles train station). The best place to find information about trains
and timetables is SNCF
BUS: Both Flixbus and Blablacar Bus run to Marseille. From there you can take the train to
Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban. Information about regional and local buses can be found on but buses to Mallefougasse-Augès are scarce and there will
be other solutions for transportation from the train station in Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban,
which we will post more info about later on.
PLANE: Nearby airports are Marseille (MRS), Cannes (CEQ) and Nice (NCE).