EUGEN 2023 announcement

EUGEN 2023 will take place from 7th till 13th August in northeastern Slovenia near Upper Savinja Valley.

This will be the third Eugen in Slovenia and this time we will explore the Pohorje massif and eastern Slovenian Prealps, discovering the magmatic-metamorphic complex, polymetallic ore deposits and occurrence of geothermal energy.


For those unfamiliar with EUGEN, the meeting is organized by local geology students who will prepare three geological field trips led by university professors and researchers from geological survey. In the afternoon the program continues with short presentations from geoscientists, professors or other participants, followed by evening festivities. Two days are dedicated to connecting the participants via “Geolympic” games and a sightseeing field trip.

The purpose of the event is to connect and maintain international relationships between fellow geoscience students and young professionals, as well as to educate about local European geological features, thus strengthening our knowledge.

Come join us and discover what builds our mountains and what lies beneath them!